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This site is intended to give a little bit of information about me. Included in the site, you will find:

Throughout the site I have included links, where appropriate, to other sites that have more information on the subject

Since you are here, I hope you find someting interesting :)
- Travis


Born and raised in Southern California, I now live in Phoenix, AZ, and have been here since late 2005. Prior to Phoenix, I spent 12 years in Tucson where I went to school and did a lot of growing up. I have two wonderful children, a loving girlfriend, and a great group of friends. For a little more info on friends and family, click here.

My personal interest include Formula 1 (as a spectator), go-racing (as a participant, but not often enough), poker, video games, and sci-fi movies/tv. A little more on these topics can be found here.

On a professional note, I have been working as an internal business consultant within Fortune 500 companies since 2000, and am an experienced Six Sigma Master Black Belt specializing in customer advocacy and Business Process Management - designing metrics systems that support and enhance the organization’s strategy. My formal education has earned me a BS in Information Technology and an MBA with an emphasis in Marketing.
With the combination of my experience and education, I have recently started offering consulting services on a contract basis to companies that could benefit from my background. For more information, please visit my company site at:

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